Q switched Nd YAG laser machine is a non-invasive treatment to remove tattoos or pigmented lesions from the skin. Q switch Nd YAG laser tattoo removal system emits pulses of light which are absorbed by the tattoo ink or pigmentation in the skin. The light is then converted into heat and breaks up the pigment into tiny fragments which are eliminated by white blood cells. The light emitted in this process is very specific to certain colors: red, green and blue specifically, so it will only target those colors without affecting the surrounding tissue.

According to patients and YAG laser tattoo removal manufacturers, results vary from person to person due to a variety of factors including skin type, age of person, health status etc. However, results are generally very good with most patients achieving complete removal within 3-12 months of treatments.
Nd YAG Q switch laser machine is an amazing tattoo removal tool. It is advised to go for at least 6 sessions, depending on your skin tone, the color of the tattoo, and its location. In this article, you will understand everything about the process of the famous Nd YAG Q switch laser machine. So keep reading on!

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Pre-treatment measures:

The first step is a consultation with your doctor. You should discuss your medical history, any medications you are on, and any allergies that you have. YAG laser tattoo removal manufacturers also recommend discussing the type of tattoos that you have, the size of the tattoo, its color, and the time when it was done. All this information will help your doctor decide whether or not the Q switch Nd YAG laser tattoo removal system is right for you.

The next step is to stop smoking. Smokers heal more slowly than non-smokers. Therefore, if you want to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure including Q-switched laser treatment, you should stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the procedure. In addition, you should stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen before the procedure because these drugs can increase the risk of bleeding during and after the procedure.

Here are some things to do before q-switched laser treatment:

●Avoid sun exposure for two weeks before the procedure.

●If you have active acne, inform your doctor immediately so that medication can be prescribed to clear it out before the treatment.

●Do not use any kind of exfoliating products or creams on your skin before the laser procedure

●Make sure that you shave off the area where the laser will be applied (this point may not be applicable in all cases)

●Discuss with your doctor about any other topical creams or ointments that you are using on your skin so that they can be discontinued if necessary

●Discuss your past medical history with your doctor in order to avoid any complexions during the procedure or after it.

Post-treatment measures:
You may experience some swelling and redness in the treated area for about a day or two after the Q-switched laser treatment. This is quite normal after having this kind of a treatment because of the strong laser beams used on your skin. The redness will go away within 2 days, but you can use aloe vera gel or calamine lotion to reduce its effects. In case of you having any kind of discomfort, we would like to advise you to take painkillers and other kinds of medication after consulting your doctor.
After the Q switched Nd YAG laser machine treatment, there are a few things you should do and not do.
●Do use sunblock of SPF 50 and above for outdoor activities.
●Do continue to apply topical medications as prescribed by your doctor.
●Do not pick at any crusts that form after the treatment as picking can cause scarring.

After the laser treatment, your skin may peel and you may experience redness and itching. This is normal and will go away after a few days. If this condition persists, please inform your doctor immediately.

What to expect after the treatment?

The best news about this laser treatment is that it doesn’t require any downtime. However, you need to understand that the treated area will be red and swollen right after the procedure. If your skin is sensitive, you might also experience slight pain and discomfort. You may also notice mild bruising which usually lasts for two or three days.

It’s important to know that when the treated area heals, it can look lighter than your natural skin tone. Fortunately, if this happens, it will eventually return back to its original color as the skin heals and repairs itself.

In most cases, you can return to your normal activities right after the Nd YAG Q switch laser machine treatment. You may be advised to avoid direct exposure to sunlight until your skin heals completely, so check with your doctor or nurse about sun protection and other precautions you should take during this time.

In order to help reduce any side effects, it is important that you follow all of your doctor’s instructions after the treatment.

It is also important that you use sunscreen every day. Sun exposure before and after laser treatments can increase your risk of side effects such as discoloration.

The duration results of Q switch Nd YAG laser tattoo removal system vary from person to person depending on factors such as skin type, color of the skin and previous treatments. If done correctly, Q-switched lasers can give excellent results for most people with minimal side effects.

You won’t be able to wear makeup or sunscreen for at least 24 hours after your treatment, and you should avoid using any perfumed creams or lotions too.

Healing process:

After each session, you may experience some redness that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

This is normal, and your skin will heal itself as it normally does when it gets scratched or injured in any way.

The redness may or may not come with slight swelling. You’ll also notice that your skin is dry, which is very common after the laser treatment. To soothe your skin and help it heal faster, apply moisturizers for several days after the session.

Your doctor may advise you to use cold packs or cold compresses to reduce swelling; but they will also tell you that this should only be done in small doses, as the cold can delay healing. 

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