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Sincoheren was established in 1999, it has served for beauty clinics, salons for over 20,000 all around the world, meet your local beauty centers that Sincoheren has been working for. Welcome to join Sincoheren and build your clientele through its new laser beauty machine.

Sincoheren beauty machine is a comfortable and effective skin care device for aestheticians, beauticians. Sincoheren's reliable service and easy-to-use system has propelled its beauty equipment to the number one spot on the European, American market.


Russia Project

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Skin care demands are constantly evolving. Thus the need for sophisticated and effective beauty tools. Sincoheren is a leading manufacturer of laser beauty machine, which is the state-of-the-art beauty tool of the future. Sincoheren manufactures and provides Russia customers free training for the latest, most advanced medical beauty equipment in the market, to offer total skin care perfection.

Beauty laser machine that turns clear stretch marks and wrinkles to fresh, healthy and firm skin. A revolutionary device that has proven its efficiency and performance.

America Project

Sincoheren laser beauty machine offers reliable service and a huge market in the American beauty industry.

As a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, Sincoheren goes popular worldwide. Our laser beauty equipment is a professional salon hair equipment, beauty salon laser tattoo removal equipment, beauty salon laser level equipment that are popular with consumers at home and abroad, in which, Sincoheren takes large market share in USA.

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Romania customers get the work done right with Sincoheren professional laser tattoo removal machine! We are a leading salon beauty equipment manufacturer with different salon tattoo removal machines in such categories as permanent tattoo removal, q switch nd yag laser machine and more. Sincoheren machines are used by salons and spas to remove tattoo from all parts of the body like chest and backs. Romania customers increase income and increase customer base by investing in Sincoheren amazing laser beauty machines.

Sincoheren machine was created to help people achieve their healthiest and most aesthetic glow. Its laser tattooo removal machine is capable of 40,000 pulses per minute for stimulating circulation, tightening and toning muscles, drawing fluid marls, pulsing lymph and of course-seeking a more radiant complexion.

Romania Project

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Sincoheren products for medical beauty clinics and salons

A good esthetician should have a good product and the best beauty equipment to help guide your skin care needs. If you’re looking for the best esthetician equipment to work with your official state licensed esthetician, Sincoheren beauty machine is the perfect finisher.

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