808 diode laser hair removal machine

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Sincoheren 808 diode laser hair removal machine features powerful high energy pulsed laser energy with binary cooling. It is suitable for most people, including those with sensitive skin.

The hair removal machine is designed for use with other laser technology on skin lesions, from permanent hair removal to removing unwanted body hair. It uses the 808 diode laser. The 808 diode laser has a wavelength of 808nm, which affects melanin in pigment-producing cells, melanocytes, and keratinocytes. These cells cause dark and black part of the hair to be destroyed.

Neck fat, upper arms, thighs, and other stubborn places can be a struggle to get rid of. But with the new 808 High Definition laser from Wello, a gentle personal session on your sensitive areas with mild heat and limited laser will melt away the bothersome hair in about 10 seconds!

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