808 diode laser machine SDL-B manufacturer Permanent Hair Removal For Clinic

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The 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument uses a gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808nm. The principle of selective photothermal power. The ultra-high-power semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light waves, which can penetrate deep into the root of the hair follicle, heat the pigment in it and spread it to the entire hair follicle, which can accurately destroy the hair follicle without causing damage to adjacent tissues. damage, permanent hair removal. At the same time, it can also achieve the effect of skin beautification.

808 has been the top high-end instrument for hair removal since its launch, with good effect and extremely low pain. The luminous life of the instrument is several times or even dozens of times that of traditional OPT and magneto-optical 360. The latest channelless chip package design is available, which can withstand high temperature of 80 degrees, the water quality of the cooling system is not high, the work is stable, and the gun does not burn. The 808 semiconductor is the first choice.


1. It has the most comprehensive certificates for machines in the industry, European CE certificates, TUV certificates, ISO certificates, etc.
2. The switch of the machine is imported from Japan, the handle bracket is made of injection mold, the control method is a combination of manual control and foot pedal, and the energy calibration can be automatically calibrated, which is very intelligent. Long battery life with advanced cooling system, longer life of the machine..
3. Ergonomic finger trigger design for easy and comfortable operation.


  • Painless hair removal: The unique dynamic sapphire cooling system cools the skin epidermis to 5 degrees, effectively protecting the skin from damage, feeling refreshed and without burning and stinging;
  • Fast hair removal: large light spot, eliminating the treatment dead zone formed by the traditional laser circular spot, can carry out large area hair removal, high efficiency and fast speed
  • Safe hair removal: The melanin of the hair follicle is directly attacked, and the epidermis absorbs less energy, so there is no loss of surrounding tissue, inflammation and melanin deposition;
  • Soft and does not hurt the skin
  • Strong specificity, only for melanin in hair follicles
  • High safety factor and strong stability
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong cooling
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • The energy transmission is stable and the service life is long. Automatic flow, water level, water temperature alarm system, easy to operate. Internal independent module design, easy maintenance.

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