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The Diode 808 laser is the highest quality level of permanent hair removal for full-pigment hair and skin types, including tanned skin.

  • 808 Diode Laser hair removal machine is a complete and professional machine that is the best choice for permanent hair removal.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with an ultra-short hair lift. Two minutes and your hair is gone and you’re on your way. Follow up sessions last just 15 minutes and require no down-time. Nose hair can be dealt with upright in just seconds and it’s not even noticeable.
  • The exciting 808 Diode laser machine is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable solution to hair removal without the hassle of wax, sugaring or electrolysis. Testimonials of patients’ experiences with this unit have been overwhelmingly positive and offer long-term hair-free goals that weren’t achievable before.

Work theory
Based on the selective light absorption theory, we achieve the purpose of hair removal by regulating the wavelength, energy and pulse width to push the laser capillary laser through the skin surface and penetrate the hair follicle.In the follicle and rod, large amounts of melanin diffuse between the follicle matrix and move towards the rod structure.Once melanin absorbs the laser energy, it exhibits a sharp rise in temperature and causes destruction of the surrounding follicular tissue. Therefore, the unwanted hair is completely removed.


The RAZORLASE was subjected to laser hair removal using the 808nm gold standard. The system adopts state-of-the-art intelligent control, with accurate laser output energy and stable wavelength, which ensures the ideal therapeutic effect.

The Razorlase diode laser treatment system is 808nm and can penetrate deep into the hair follicles. According to the principle of selective photopyrolysis, the melanin contained in the hair follicles fully absorbs the laser energy and releases the heat. At the same time, hair follicle stem cells are damaged and hair growth is inhibited.


1. Proprietary technology “Unichill” is truly timely cooling, safe and effective treatment.
2. Patent ergonomic pen.
3. Direct and friendly interface.
4. Approved TGA, FDA, ISO13485, and Healthcare CE for full coverage of both end-users and dealers worldwide.



1. The gold standard for permanent hair removal in all skin types, including tan, has clinically proven and confirmed results.
2. The tip of Unichill advanced technology provides continuous contact cooling for the epidermis.
3. Ergonomic trigger, easy to operate.
4. Direct and friendly interface.
Provide full coverage of TGA, FDA, ISO13485 and Medical CE certificates for end users and dealers around the world.
The Diod 808 laser is the highest quality level of permanent hair removal for fully pigmented hair and skin types, including tan skin.


The 808nm wavelength laser close to the infrared is best suitable for the melanin retention, so it is very effective for different parts of the skin and hair follicle, and can effectively remove any hair, with a stable effect.

Suitable for all skin types

The innovation behind the Diod 808 laser ensures that the skin absorbs less laser and reduces the risk of pigmentation.

Sapsapphire touchscreen cooling system can make treatment safer and easier.

How does a laser hair removal with an 808 diode work?

Diode 808 laser

The Diod 808 laser uses specific light retention and absorbs hair melanin.Light vitality is absorbed by the hair follicle, transformed into warm vitality, no vital vitality passed to the skin.This in particular warms the hair and its DNA, reduces oxygen association around the hair follicle, and reduces the likelihood of hair regrowth.Unusual innovative cooling techniques are applied throughout treatment to cool the skin and ensure skin safety.

The Diod 808 laser permanently reduces hair in all skin types, including light skin, olive or African American skin.Drugs work best for moderate and dull hair on any skin type.Thin, shallow hair is very hard to manage.Dealing with blond, red, white, and silver hair is impossible.

If you can read the relationship between our IPL and our hair removal laser, and why we don’t support using the IPL here: a laser for the IPL, it will be perfect.


Is the Diod 808 laser hair evacuation medicine painful?

Most patients experience a warm sting when the laser enters the hair follicle.Many people describe this feeling as the clicking sound of rubber bands on the skin.To reduce anxiety, apply a soothing agent and a cooling gel to the skin before treatment.



* Remove unwanted hair, both thoroughly and permanently

* For any hair color and for all skin types.


How many 808 diode laser hair removers do I need?

Laser drugs weaken the developmental limit of hair follicles when they are in dynamic developmental stages. Not all follicles are being simultaneously dynamic, and several medications taken at a certain period of time may be important to obtain the desired outcome. The number of drugs expected to reduce the hair has changed. Most patients have slower hair growth when taking 4-6 drugs. Furthermore, the effects of the medication may be influenced by multiple factors, such as hair thickness, age, hormones, etc. It is reasonable that you will need 4 drugs, in any case, in a month to get the best results.


808 Risk of diode laser hair removal treatment

Any laser can cause hyperpigmentation if you turn on the sun-treated area. The sun in Bali is extremely dense and you should apply 40 + SPFs to all treated areas to avoid sun and shading. We are not responsible for any problem of hyperpigmentation, resulting from daylight, not from our lasers.

Dardull, tanned skin is better not treated with laser. In fact, even bronzed or self-tanners can not be used before laser treatment.

A meeting does not guarantee that your skin problems are resolved. Usually, you need about 4-6 meetings depending on the specific skin problem and it can not be treated with a laser.

Come to us to see what we can do to support you-book a free expert meeting now.



laser sourceDiode stack
Laser gradesenior class
Electrical safety classificationType B class I
pulse lengthFor about 5-400 ms
repeat frequency rate1 Hz-10 Hz
Laser aperture size14mm×12mm
spot size12mm×10mm
fluence0-120J/cm 2
interiorinput power1300VA
coolant passageSemiconductor refrigeration + water cooling + air cooling
Dimensions (length, width, and height)480mm×470mm×1045mm
weight (NW)40 Kg
Fuse fuseT6.3A, 250V AC
power110-240V AC, 50-60Hz


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