Cellu shaping point RF facial and body contour corrector fat reduction beauty machine

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Velashape Vacuum RF body ultra-thin cell modeling system (Model SRV-107)

Operational principle

1) Infrared laser reduces the skin resistance by heating the skin, the RF energy penetrates deep into the connective tissue, and the infrared laser cooperates with the conduction RF energy to increase the intracellular oxygen diffusion by heating the skin.

2) Vacuum and specially designed rollers control the RF penetration line to 5-15 mm.At the same time, the vacuum and drum mechanical tissue operation makes the fiber connective tissue to contract, relax, effectively destroy the subcutaneous fat and extruded capillaries, increase lymphatic drainage, promote the metabolism and the actual fat chamber size to shrink or narrow, and significantly improve the body contour effect.

3) Vacuum skin folding technology can bring RF energy into a certain folded skin, greatly improving the effect and safety, even in the treatment of the upper eyelid area.

4) 40kHz cavitation for adipose tissue creation, to reduce adipocytes.

Product information
1.Control system: LCD display screen, color touch screen, power switch, microcomputer control system, etc.D。To manage the operation of the entire system.
2. Dermatology and pulse-based mechanical manipulation of the tissue
3. Bipolar RF (RF): high-performance RF system;
4. Near-infrared laser system: 940nm semiconductor laser method
5. Using the appropriate screws, first install an aluminum bracket and two other acrylic struts to hang the fittings.
6. Connect the 40K cavitation head to the port on the back of the machine.
7. Connect the power cord and install the ground wire.
8. Turn on the red switch from behind the machine.


  1. Vacuum + RF + infrared + 40K cavitation + rolling 5 technology combination.

2.5 Spray head for the treatment of various functions (weight loss, facial lifting, lift skin, eye wrinkle removal, physiotherapy, etc.), widely used in salons, spas and clinics.

  1. Japan imported motor and negative pressure pump, more quiet and durable.
  2. A 10.4-inch user-friendly interface.
  3. Free to add the identified ODM / OEM service.
  4. Technology: infrared (infrared), infrared frequency (bipolar RF), vacuum, cavitation, automatic drum massage and other five different technologies.
  5. Tip: Five different treatment heads meet the different functional and location needs of the treatment.
  6. Pen holder: 3.5 m application tube to increase the treatment distance
  7. Rack and drum design: humanized frame design and drum design, convenient movement of the machine during treatment.
  8. Folded screen: Folded screen can be designed to meet the treatment needs in various situations.
  9. Adjustable handle and adjustable screen: The parameters can also be adjusted directly on the handle to facilitate treatment in different directions.


* Remove dark circles, eye wrinkles, and eye bags;

* Blepharoplasty and wrinkle removal;

* Postpartum recovery and body shape correction;

* Systemic obesity, limited obesity, fat dissolution, skin lift (hands, feet, shoulders and back, hiking shoes, hips, etc.);

* Reduce arthritis pain and systemic physical therapy;

* Improved stretch marks.


Technical specifications

radio-frequency powerBelow 50W
RF frequency1~5MHz
RF energy densityMaximum: 60J / cm
Infrared light powerBelow 20W
Infrared wavelength940nm
negative pressure0~0.07 MPa; 0-50 mm Hg
REV contact rollerrpm 0-36
vacuoleforty thousand dollars
Processing area size4*7mm,8*25mm,30*50mm,40*60mm
Rated input power750 Watts
outline dimensionHost: 63 * 65 * 134 Handle: 79 * 31 * 54
GW73 Kg
power230V AC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz / 110V AC ± 10%, 60Hz ± 1Hz (optional)


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