clinic high intensity focused ultrasound machine for wrinkles removal immediate result in 2022

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Ultrasonic scalpel is a non-surgical medical beauty project. Through the HIFU focusing principle, the energy is focused on the SMAS layer (fascia layer), so that the collagen can reach an ideal denaturation temperature (60℃-70℃), and stimulate the SMAS fascia. The collagen layer is proliferated and reorganized, and a new collagen fiber network is constructed to achieve a firming and lifting effect in a non-invasive way, restoring skin elasticity and youthful vitality.


Our 7DHIFU machine can penetrate to the fascia layer without harming the epidermis and dermis (the fascia layer is the skin tissue that the doctor cuts and lifts during the skin lift operation), and the subcutaneous 4.5mm, 3.0mm, 1.5mm, the friction of tissue cells produces a high thermal energy reaction, reaching an ideal denaturation temperature (60℃-70℃), resulting in two functions:
Physical Lifting Response: Ultrasound purposefully uses high heat energy lattice to wound tissue cells, so that the skin tissue is strengthened and tightened in a short period of time. The appearance is that the sagging is improved and the skin is lifted and tightened.
Self-healing and filling: Ultrasonic scalpel deeply and controlled wound tissue cells, thereby stimulating them to produce more collagen, building a new collagen fiber network, achieving the effect of firming and lifting, improving fine lines, restoring skin elasticity and youthfulness vitality.


1. There are 3 types of probes, facial probe, body probe, private probe, choose different probes for different parts of the body, the treatment process is more refined, and the effect is more obvious.
2. Some machine parts are imported from all over the world the best, thanks to the advanced refrigeration system, the life of the machine is longer than the average machine
3. No surgery, no bleeding, no redness, no swelling, no pain during the treatment
4. HIFU machines are clinically certified by the international FDA
5. 20/30% immediate effect after treatment, 40/50% after 3 months, 100% after 6 months Look 5-10 years younger


1. Facial anti-aging and wrinkle removal: deep wrinkles, folds, forehead lines, nasolabial fold lift, lip wrinkles, brow wrinkles, firming neck skin, eliminating double chin, thin face;
2. Eye wrinkle removal: wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, bags under the eyes, tightening the loose skin around the eyes;
3. Whole-body anti-aging: Tighten the back, adjust the chest shape, shape the waist and abdomen, shape the buttocks, shape the legs, remove the butterfly sleeves, and repair the mild stretch marks.

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