Coolplas Mini Beauty Body Shape Fat Freeze Machine for Fat Double Chin

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Operational principle

The Coolplas microprocessing procedure is frozen decomposition processing using specially designed cryogenic probes on specific processing areas. It can absorb the low-temperature energy of fat without causing damage to other tissues. Treatment cup inhaled vacuum pressure cooling plates between fat. During treatment, the probe can precisely control the cooling temperature, which was clinically demonstrated by Harvard University to remove adipocytes from certain parts of the body. When adipocytes are in controlled cooling environments, they begin to naturally decompose and purify, so that the fat layer becomes thinner.

Product information:

  1. Fashion and portable design
  2. Automatic control of the knob and interface.
  3. Large, medium, small, double chin handles can be used for all parts of the body.
  4. Two pens work simultaneously on both treatment areas or on both clients simultaneously.
  5. Medical soft silicone rubber for safe and effective treatment results.


  • Fashionable, portable design.
  • Automatic operation on the knobs and interfaces.
  • There are large, medium, small and double chin handles for all parts of the body.
  • Two pens work for both treatment areas simultaneously, or for both clients simultaneously.
  • Medical grade soft silicone rubber, used for a safe and effective therapeutic effect.
  • Coupras Mini Beauty Body Shape Hands Handle Fat Cryotherapy Chin Massager



  • Cellulite reduces adipolysis
  • Fat reduction and fat reduction
  • Double chin


voltage220V / 110V; 50 Hz-60 Hz
Handle sizeLarge handle: 25cm*12cm*8.2cm
Middle handle: 20cm*10cm*8.2cm
Handhandle: 12cm*6cm*8.7cm
Mini-handle: 7.5cm*3cm*6.7cm
Coololing outlet temperature-16℃~-5℃
Export pressure of the cooling device0-100kPa
coolant liquidClear water, containing 9L
Default working time0-60 minutes
consumed power≤400W

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