IPL-Preci Pulse Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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Hair remover can be used for skin hair removal, or for pulse light hair removal, which can inhibit hair growth by damaging hair follicles.
Color Light-Pressey Pulse Skin (NYC-3)

60-minute long process with UL Certificate and CE certification of ipl machine in certification.

Laser air removal, skin rejuvenation, facial and skincare products all in one! The ipl machine is a do-it-all machine that provides superior performance on par with professional equipment. Slightly higher priced machine, but save with your purchase.

The Professional IPL Machine is a multi-purpose laser beauty machine designed for use in Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal. It is the perfect tool for aesthetic professionals and individuals looking to have permanent hair removal or lightens existing dark tan. The ipl machine offers amazing results on darker skin tones, covering 75pcs-100pcs per second.


What is color light?
Strong pulsed light (IPL) works by emitting high-power light into the hair follicle and then converting it into heat, which damages the hair follicles and hinders future growth.

what is SHR?
SHR, short for super hair removal, uses state-of-the-art technology “in exercise” for painless treatment. The SHR can shoot 10 rounds in 1 second and make the treatment mobile. Combined with a perfect semiconductor cooling system, this machine provides a complete, painless, and comfortable treatment. It is more efficient than traditional color machines.

what is FP?FP= flying spot
The FP model was developed by the R & D division of Sincoheren Corporation. The FP emits a series of pulses in different sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, hairline, front ear, etc.D。Hair removal with FP protocol to make treatment more accurate and effective, especially for fine hairs. More comfortable small-area treatment will be implemented.


* Accurate energy output (deviation <5%)
* 3 Treatment heads: HRs; SR; VR
* Three treatment regimens, traditional IPL, FP (Fly Points), and SHR treatment for different diseases
* IPL2000 watt power system, discharge frequency of 1 Hz
* The powerful cooling system and the 100-watt power guarantee continuous operation for an hour and a half.
* A small and delicate processing pen, easy to output
* TDK-LAMBDA switch power supply system
* USB Connectors, used for future upgrades


  • Hair removal is permanent.
  • Skin tender skin
  • Ance removed
  • removing beverage
  • Angiectomy
  • Remove the pigmentation, pigment spots, sunspots, etc.page numbering


illuminantxenon lamp
wavelengthSR:560-1200nm/h 690-1200nm
transmission systemCrystal light guide
security classificationType I B
pulse durationIPL:2~9.9 ms SHR:2~10ms
repeat frequency rate1~10Hz was used for HR; 2~10Hz for FP;
Light mouth measurementHR:16mm×57mm;SR:8mm×34mm;
coolant passageSemiconductor refrigeration + water cooling + air cooling
Dimensions (wide, depth and height)525mm×490mm×1080mm
weight (NW)45 Kg
Package size (width, width and height)620*680*124mm
rough weight (GW)60kg
Fuse specificationsF15AL,250V
interiorinput power3000 Va


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