IPL(Intense Pulsed Light, Electrical Pulse Therapy)

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, Electrical Pulse Therapy) is a skin cosmetic procedure that involves the use of broadband intense light pulses.

IPL is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays and it is based on generating different wavelengths of light. Mostly, this technique is used for photorejuvenation and photoremoval. Of course, it is also very useful for age spots and other blemishes of the skin.

The Xenon lamp of the IPL handle produces intense pulsed light that affects the epidermis and dermis layer, thereby promoting collagen formation and reducing the ageing of the epidermis caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Photo rejuvenation procedures allow you to maintain a youthful state of your skin, making it more elastic and radiant.

History of IPL

As early as 1980, the use of pulse width light therapy in aesthetic medicine began to be tried, but then due to the defects and imperfections of the IPL system, the treatment results were not ideal, and even side effects occurred.

But the large-scale application of IPL technology in the cosmetic field began in Israel in 1999, so engineers and doctors there have been perfecting and testing the IPL device for a long time. After many years of testing and improvement, the effectiveness of IPL has been significantly improved so far, making the technology safe and effective for cosmetic medicine today.

Technical principles and functions

The principle of IPL is the selective photothermal effect, which emits powerful light at the hair follicle, which then converts this light into heat, which in turn damages the hair follicle and inhibits future growth. In the process of affecting the skin, light waves of a certain length are absorbed by the target tissue containing the pigment – the hair follicle. At the same time, the light waves will not affect other skin tissues during the treatment.

The light energy absorbed by the hair follicle is converted into heat energy, and the amount of heat energy depends on the setting parameters of light radiation. The technology has a spectral range of 400 – 1200 nm (400 nm for acne, 550 nm for photorejuvenation, 640 nm for photoremoval).

The main active skin pigment is high molecular weight melanin. Lightwaves actively perceive wavelengths with a length of 380-780 nm – because this range is considered light visible to the human eye.

Visible spectrum radiation rapidly heats all skin structures that contain melanin, such as hair, but not to human tissue structures that contain 70% to 80% water. So visible light is permitted for hair removal treatments.

IPL can slow unwanted hair growth and is most effective on dark and coarse hair. IPL generates different strong light waves for a duration. Due to the use of special sensors, the light waves are directed and transported to a specific area. After the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, a large amount of heat energy is released to destroy the hair follicle.


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