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The selected photothermal theory and decay are an extension of the original photothermal theory. CO2 Fractional Lasers combine the advantages of non-invasive and non-invasive treatment with immediate and definitive treatment results, fewer side effects and shorter recovery times. Three zones are created: desquamation, thermal compression, and thermal shock. A series of biochemical reactions take place on the skin, irritating the skin and healing itself. It can achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing dark spots. Fractional laser treatment only covers part of the skin tissue, so large new pores are not formed. This preserves some of the normal skin and speeds up recovery.


1.The CO2 Laser is suitable for laser applications that require soft skin removal, extraction, extraction, cutting and blending of skin with a plastic wrap, general surgery.
2. The laser rejuvenates the skin. straightening skin.
3. Remove skin marks, actinic keratosis, acne, keloids, tattoos, telangiectasia.
4. Volcanic and basal cell cancer, warts, and hyperpigmentation.
5. Treatment of soft tissue applications such as ulcers, ulcers, and hemorrhoids.
6. used to remove wrinkles and skin.


Laser TypeRF-excited CO2 laser
Laser Average PowerCW:0-30W SP:0-14W CW:0-15W SP:0-7W
Laser Peak PowerCW:30W SP:60W CW:15W SP:30W
HandpiecesSurgical Handpieces(f50mm,f100mm)
Scan Handpieces(f50mm,f100mm)
Gynecology Handpieces(f127mm)
Spot Size0.1mm
Scan SizeUp to 20mm*20mm
LCD screen12.1 inch
Aiming beam635nm,<5mW
Electrical100-240 VAC,50-60Hz,800VA
Dimensions(L*W*H)460mm*430mm*1170mm(not including articulated arm)
Net weight40kg

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