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Operational principle

Selective photoheat and decomposition theories are part of the conventional photoheat. Combined with the advantages of both invasive treatment and noninvasive treatment, the divided CO2 laser device has the characteristics of rapid and clear curative effect, small side effects and short recovery time.Co2 laser treatment is exposed to skin with micropores; forming three areas, including thermal peeling, thermal coagulation, and thermal effects. The skin has a series of biochemical reactions that stimulate it to repair itself. It can achieve the effect of tightening the skin, softening, and removing the color spots. Since the split laser treatment covered only part of the skin tissue, the new macropores do not overlap. In this way, partial normal skin will be preserved, thus accelerating recovery.


  1. Optical guide: a patented strong hinge arm.High energy transmission.
  2. Three series

1) Scanning suggests standard treatment for mild skin aging to improve blackheads and scars.

2) Surgical needle tip (F50mm, F100mm additional) has accurate energy and instant gasification of skin tissue.

3) Gynecological accessories (F127 mm) to improve the vaginal mucosa, narrow the vagina and improve the vulva color.


* A 12-inch, intuitive, full-size touchscreen

* Foldable full touchscreen

* Korea import hinge arms

* US imported RF laser tubes

* German imported laser cavity lens

* The FDA / Medical CE / ISO13485 is approved as a world-class standard

* There are multiple language interfaces (English, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese).


  • CO2 laser (10600nm) for surgery requiring ablation, vaporization, resection, cutting, and soft tissue coagulation in dermatology and plastic surgery, general surgery.
  • Laser skin grinding.
    Treatment of the grooves and wrinkles.
  • Remove skin markers, photochemical keratinization, acne scars, keloids, tattoos, and telangiectasia.
    Squamous and basal cell carcinoma, warts, and heterogeneous pigmentation.
  • Treatment of cysts, abscesses, and hemorrhoids.
  • Plipharoplasty.
  • Place to prepare for a hair transplant.
  • The split scanner is designed for wrinkle handling and leather grinding.


Laser typeRF excitation CO2 laser
wavelength10.6 Microns
Average laser powerCW:0-30W SP:0-14W CW:0-15W SP:0-7W
Laser peak powerCW:30W SP:60W CW:15W SP:30W
pointed endSurgical tip (F50mm, F100mm)
Scanning tip (F50mm, F100mm)
Gynecologic tip (F127mm)
Spot size0.1 mm
Scan the sizeLess than 20mm * 20mm
LCD12.1 Inch
Aim at the beam635nm,<5mW
electricalAC at 100-240 volts, 50-60 Hz, 800 volts
Dimensions (long * width * height)460mm * 430mm * 1170mm (excluding hinge arm)
net weight40kg


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