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Skin analyser machine is a digital skin analysis machine and face skin analysis machine. It can analyze the skin, the elasticity of the skin, the degree of skin pigmentation and the degree of skin hydration.

Sincoheren Detection Technology skin analyser is a unique non-invasive device for diagnosis of diseases, allergic reactions and other skin reactions, including magnetic skin reactions. The device is used to detect the soft tissue abnormality or allergen and examine skin lesions or other complications.

Vibrate to clean the skin

Cold hammer: shrink the pores, tighten the skin, remove wrinkles, promote collagen hyperplasia, eliminate redness and sensitivity, and eliminate black circles and bags under the eyes.

Technically advanced, fastest, and most accurate facial skin analyzer

Obtain 28-megapixel high-definition face skin images, and conduct shallow and deep quantitative analysis of skin pathological features using 8-spectrum imaging technology, AI face recognition technology, deep learning technology, 3 D modeling technology, cloud computing, and cloud storage. It can detect 14 indicators of skin health. A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of skin problems allow scientific and accurate skin treatment under reasonable evidence!

Hardware design of the AI Intelligent Imager

2800W HD pixels: clearer image, more accurate identification and more accurate analysis.

8 Spectral imaging technology: white light RGB, positive polarization, negative polarization UV365, blue light 405, Wood light, red light 14 skin indicators analysis of brown skin.

Wireless Wi-Fi transmission upgrade version: regular update version, the network connection will automatically switch to the local end, to solve the data integrity damage, cloud computing, cloud storage elements and other problems.

40 Filters: 40 filters are located near the camera to ensure that the skin is free from any light.


Introduction to software technology

3 D modeling technology: 3 D modeling accurately identifies facial characteristics, quantitative analysis of four problem skin.

Deep learning technology: combined with large database annotation, to accurately identify and analyze the problems existing in different wrappers.

Face recognition technology AI: Using the face recognition algorithm of artificial intelligence to accurately locate the T area of the U area, the data is more accurate and faster.

AI Intelligent Image Scanner Ten Module

  1. File management module 2. Cloud computing and cloud storage modules.
  2. Top and deep quantitative analysis modules.4. Skin prediction module.
  3. Problem skin module 6. The 3 D modeling module.
  4. Comparative analysis module 8. Comprehensive reporting module.
  5. Solutions module 10. Customized VIP module



lighting (RGB)8 800 Luxury
Fluorescence lamp life9000 Hours
colour temperature7200K
video monitor 525 vidicon video outNT
CPU / Pentium 41.8 g h z
Computer monitorOS: Windows XP or Windows 7
measure49cm * 52cm * 45cm (WW and height)
Maximum resolution10 Million pixels
Hard disk space120GB
Power unit electric motor48.5*44*50cm
roomDigital Camera 1:1.7 '' CCD
USB2.0 Port
Electricity requirements220V AC ± 10%50Hz
Monitor resolution is 1280x800 pixels
Power car
AC 220V (or 110V band switch)
ambient temperature10-35°C


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