Q-switch nd yag laser machine manufacturer

The q switch tattoo removal machine is a powerful tattoo removal device.

The q switch tattoo Removal Machine is the revolutionary product of our latest technology innovation- the yag ng laser technology. The q switch tattoo removal machine is the reason why tattoos can be removed without pain or antibiotics.

Q-Switch tattoo removal is a simple, painless and safe system that removes tattoos safely and easily, with the Q-Switch tattoo removal machine. Q-switch has been changing the industry of tattoos for years, with its patented technology that removes tattoos safely and easily. No more risk of running out of ink with the Q-Switch machine. This is a great addition to any tattooer’s arsenal.

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Laser tattoo removal machines utilize the explosive effect of laser light. The laser effectively penetrates the epidermis and can reach the pigment group in the dermis. Due to the short action time of the laser (only a few nanoseconds) and the extremely high energy, the pigment group absorbs it instantaneously. The high-energy laser rapidly expands and breaks into small particles. These small particles are engulfed by macrophages in the body and then excreted. The pigment gradually subsided and disappeared, and finally achieved the purpose of treatment.


1.The cavity is imported from Germany, and the computer automatically counts
2.The machine adopts advanced cooling system with superior performance
3.Treatment Scope Laser can effectively remove black tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos, eyeliner, traumatic hyperpigmentation and freckles.
4. It has a good therapeutic effect on some tattoos, vascular diseases and pigmented lesions
5. It takes the pain out of tattoo removal with instant and permanent results
6. It is simple to operate, wide range of treatment, and whether the effect is effective


Laser output modeQ-switched pulse
Laser Wavelength1064/532nm
Power input1200VA
Pulse Duration5ns±1ns
Repetition Rate1-5Hz
Maximum pulse energy in the end of articulated armPulse Duration
Error of laser output energy≤±20%
Spot size2-10mm continuously adjustable, error le
Aiming beam wavelength635 nm; output power Pc shall be 0.1m
The distance betweenspot center and aiming beam center≤0.5mm
Nominal ocular hazard distanceNOHD 3.3km
Rated current of leakage10A
Electrical220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions(W*D*H)370 mm ×957 mm×992 mm(without articul


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