Sinco Alex-YA Max laser hair removal machine permenant hair removal

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2022 latest painless and fast Alex hair removal machine supply

The laser hair removal machine emits a laser to penetrate the skin, and the heat generated is absorbed by the hair follicles of the skin, thereby fundamentally removing the hair follicles. The energy generated by the laser will also promote the production of collagen, thereby achieving the effect of hair removal, whitening, and shrinking the skin.

Sincoheren laser hair removal equipment comes with digital laser hair removal system with light wheel technology and skin care option.

Sincoheren laser hair removal equipment technology is designed to be the ultimate time-saver in cosmetic enhancement. Quick, precise service, without the worrisome side effects of other methods for permanent hair removal, short session, no downtime, applicable for all skin colors.


1. The machine is a single comprehensive treatment system for greening treatment – hair removal for all skin types, as well as color and vascular display.
2. It is a wavelength laser platform that combines the power of dual 755nm. Laser and 1064 nm YAG: Excellent treatment results in laser, efficacy, ease of use, superior performance, safety and user capabilities.
3. The cooling effect of the system is good, and the machine life is long.


1. Products are suitable for salon, home, clinic, hospital.
2. This machine is suitable for removing leg hair, bikini hair, chest hair, back hair, arm hair, armpit hair, forehead hairline, beard, lip hair.
3. This machine is suitable for people of all skin tones, and it has a wide range of utility.



Screen 12 inches Digital Real Color LCD
Wavelengths Nd YAG and Alexandrite
Cooling systemWater cooling & Air cooling
Energy 100J @ 1064nm, 60J@755nm 
  1064nm – 80 joules (J); 755nm – 53 joules (J)
  Pulse frequency0.25, 0.5, 1Hz,2Hz
  1064nm Up to 10 Hz; 755 Up to 10 Hz
Pulse Duration0.250-100 ms
Lamp  2 lamps 
Rod 2 rods 
Standard Spot Sizes Small Delivery 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm; Medium Delivery 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm
Beam DeliveryLens-coupled optical fiber with handpiece
Pulse Control Finger switch, foot switch
Size46(W)x69(L)x107(H) CM
Net weight 95KG
Gross weight 135 kg (260 lbs)
In charge voltage200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30A, 4600 VA


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