Sincoheren Monalisa 2 in 1 hifu machine for beauty institutions

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  • The hifu machine uses advanced technology to use ultrasound vibrations and radio waves to target specific areas of body fat quickly, safely, and comfortably.
  • Sincoheren hifu slimming machine with beauty and functionality, for the new slim.
  • Hifu slimming machine makes use of radiofrequency to perform body contouring safely and effectively, thanks to the exceptional power of new technologies, obesity is now achieving a worldwide crisis.

Technical advantages

  • Hifu high-energy focused ultrasonic hifu machine technical parameters
  • Safe, non-invasive and non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia. hifu high-energy focused ultrasonic hifu machine technical parameters
  • The deepest depth reaches the deep fascia SMAS layer.
  • High-precision focused ultrasonic positioning, precise operation does not damage surrounding tissues.
  • One operation does not require multiple operations to achieve a good lifting effect.
  • After the operation without recovery period, you can show up beautifully without affecting your work and life at all.
  • The only lifting The US FDA is the only skin tightening system that has obtained the indication of “Lifting”.
  • Long-lasting effect can last for more than 3 years with one use.
  • During the process, the comfort energy acts on the dermis layer, no hifu machine, no wound.

Hifu beauty machine treatment tips

1. It is normal for temporary slight redness and swelling after ultrasonic machine operation. Note that within 1 week after the operation, do not go to high-temperature environments such as high-temperature saunas and yoga, and exposure to the sun is not recommended.
2. Keep the skin and hair parts clean and hygienic before the operation. Make-up is not allowed on the day of use. The traces of the current make-up should be as clean as possible.
3. Do not wash your face with hot water within three days (water not exceeding body temperature); pay attention to hydration, it is recommended to apply the mask at least 3 times a week.
4. Do not eat heavy pigments such as soy sauce, alcohol and spicy food within a week.

The new era of medical beauty care is born with hifu slimming and lifting machine. This new type of slimming and lifting machine is based on a new technique of high-intensity focused ultrasound(hifu). It works well for the areas where high ultrasound intensity is required and it is highly efficient for the whole body.

Get expertly rid of even the most difficult cellulite, while gently lifting and tightening your skin. You’re in safe hands thanks to Sincoheren safety harness and quick-start guide Choose to enjoy our best of all, experience total body contouring with Sincoheren hifu slimming machine.

Face your problem and ruin your schedule in an easier and better way. Hifu mchine is professional body contour machine combined with skin lifting function. Get rid of unwanted fat, cellulite and thermogenic skin problems. Let’s start your magnetic beauty journey with HIFU machine on Sincoheren.


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