top nd yag laser hair removal machine manufacture & customization

1. Sincoheren yag laser hair removal machine pro
2. Applicable for all colors and skin rejuvenation treatments
3. Short sessions, no downtime, painless & invasive

Sincoheren nd yag laser hair removal machine is typically sold in salons who are trained to use it.

At first the laser seems daunting, until you realize it’s actually pretty easy. Our unique design is ergonomic and easy to use for all, just follow these simple steps: touch on skin, train laser on hair, wait around 30-50 minutes, wash it off.

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More and more beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics prefer the ND YAG laser for removing all kinds of pigmentation, tattoos, skin rejuvenation, and the long pulse mode expands the range of equipment: skin rejuvenation, treatment of inflammatory acne, shrinking pores and Eliminates signs of skin photodamage. Powerful and versatile laser system for treating all kinds of epidermal and dermal pigmentation, tattoo removal of all colors and skin rejuvenation treatments.

This is due to its following advantages:

Growing customer base for depigmentation of various skin types;
The treatment process of ND YAG is very short and the effect is quick;
The effect of laser treatment is very obvious, and the use can keep the price of surgery at a consistent high level;
No recovery period is required after treatment;

ND YAG Q-Switch lasers are not only patented by specialist doctors, but can also be used by ordinary beauty salons and clinics;
ND YAG laser equipment is easy and convenient to operate.

Therapeutic principle of Nd:YAG laser
The laser penetrates the epidermis to the pigment clusters in the dermis. The action time of the laser is very short (only a few nanoseconds) and the energy is very high, and the pigment cluster absorbs the high-energy laser instantaneously and rapidly expands and breaks into small particles. These small particles are engulfed by macrophages in the body and then excreted. The gradual disappearance of the pigment is the end point of treatment.


The wavelength of the ND:YAG laser is considered optimal because of its high exposure efficiency, which eliminates any side effects. Due to the low light intensity, the beam can penetrate deeply into the skin, directly to hair follicles, blood vessels or tattoo pigments, leaving the tissue around the target intact and allowing the color of the skin to be affected.

Nd:YAG lasers can be used for the following procedures:

Tattoo depigmentation: handmade and professionally made. Lasers remove tattoos of different colors and depths from the skin.
Depigmentation of permanent makeup, including in anatomically complex areas (lips, brow line and eyelids).
Fix permanent makeup, tattoos.
Eliminates skin pigmentation due to traumatic tattoos or injuries.
Removes melasma, age spots, etc. from the skin.
Eliminate birthmarks (black, red, purple, brown).
Rejuvenation (anti-aging treatment for the skin of the face, neck, hands, shoulders).

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