Ultrabox 6 in1 empty weight loss slimming machine

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This weight loss machine will help you reduce body weight and get a healthier and younger look. It is a monthly diet weight-loss device, do not feel pain with diet.

Implement the ultrabox slimming machine with the show-off feeding of guaranteed 100% natural ingredients that has never been used before! It is an advanced, comprehensive, time-saving machine that reduces cellulite in the body and the face.

Ultrabox helps to reduce fat accumulation and cellulite comprehensively, as well as make you look prettier and more attractive.


Ultrabox 6 in 1 skin tenoner (SUS-D)

Operational principle
The machine uses ultrasound to achieve the desired lipid removal effect, namely the cavitation effect.Using the safety of adipose tissue, the machine shows the great technological progress and new developments in the world.
Cavitation RF weight ometer effectively relieves cellulite.By focusing on high-frequency sound waves, it produces a cavitation effect, destroying cellulite and producing tiny microbubbles inside adipocytes that explode and cause damaged adipocytes, thereby releasing all its fat fluid without damaging other tissues of the body. Such as the blood vessels and the lymphatic system.Afterwards, the body identifies damaged adipocytes and fluids as toxins that are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system and vasculature.
In addition, our cavitation system not only fights cellulite, but also accelerates blood circulation and effectively promotes metabolism.More importantly, it tens the skin and body and awakens muscle energy.
Also, maintain a youthful appearance.Our cavitation system consists of the host machine, ultrasonic treatment nozzles, bipolar / tripole treatment nozzles, and other spare parts.The upper is comes with an 8-inch LCD, LED backlight and start keys.The LCD display is not only used for settings, but also displays parameters and treatment times.

On-product information

At 1.40 K Hz, cavitation, fat dumping and weight loss
Six-pole RF end
2. Monpolar RF body end assembly.
1) Facial use with a bipolar head
2) Bipolar head and peripheral eye skin
3) Ultrasonic head
4) Bipolar RF body end
5) Monpolar body care head



1. All-in-one machine, fat reduction, skin lift, lift the face, lift eyes, to meet most of the requirements of women.
2. Portable design, with a powerful engine, is designed to work up to 12 hours a day.
3. Multiple languages to save money on modifying the software.
4. Convenient for users and technical software, whether end-users or professionals


* Reduce fat accumulation and cellulite.
* Weight loss and correction.
* Facelift and enhanced skin, cosmetic face, eyes.
* Skincare, tighten the skin and reduce deep wrinkles.



degree of safetyib 
ultrasonic flaw detectionsupersonic frequency40 KHz
Ultrasound output power≤100W
Ultrasonic output modeManual treatment of head
Head materialstainless steel
Ultrasonic head sizeThe diameter is 68 mm
Ultrasonic head surface temperature≤45 ℃
radio frequencyRF frequency5 MHz
RF output power100W
Bipolar RF head (eye)Below 40W
Bipolar RF head (face)Below 50W
Bipolar RF head (body)Below 80W
Six-pole RF head (enclosure)Below 100W
Unipolar RF headBelow 100W
operate timeTen minutes, 1-60 minutes adjustable
coolant passageair cooling
Dimensions (length, width, and height)450mm×300mm×250mm
net weight7kg
Fuse standardF3AL250V
interiorinput power200VA


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