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RF Microneedle machine made by Sincoheren offers a fast, powerful and permanent skin tightening of the excess skin, wrinkles, and cellulite. The result looks like a permanent laser treatment. 25-minute treatment for cellulite skin.

  • Standard 3 probe: RF microneedle + ice head + acne removal pen with complete function
  • Gold RF microneedle can treat acne pits, acne scars, acne marks, fine wrinkles, lines, enuresis
  • Blackhead pen treatment for acne, tumor sweat tube, blackhead
  • Ice heads soothe the skin, quickly relieve redness and swelling, making the product absorbed faster


How does the micro-needle RF work?

The RF graded microneedle system applies the carefully controlled RF energy directly to a certain depth of the dermis through a minimally invasive microneedle, which is an ideal skin rejuvenation technique. This perfect combination of microneedle with RF energy shortens the treatment and recovery time, significantly different from the partition. laser therapy.
The precise accuracy and energy transfer of the Secret RF allows you to tailor treatments for different skin problems in all skin types, even with dark skin! The secret is a gilt microneedle!



1. Species tips
Three microneedle tips (MRF): 10PIN / 25PIN / 64PIN.

2. Needle injection system
Automatic needles can improve the distribution of RF energy in the dermis and enable patients to achieve better therapeutic effects.

3. gold-plating
The needle are durable and also have high biocompatibility due to gilt.
Patients with metal allergies can also use it in non-contact dermatitis.

4. Needle depth control: 0.5~3.0 mm.
The epidermis and dermis were controlled at 0.1 mm spacing by the control needle depth.

5. Safety Needle system.
-Disterinated disposable needles
-The operator can easily see the RF energy emitted from the red light.

6. Minimum needle thickness: 0.01 mm.
The structure of the needle easily penetrates the skin with minimal resistance.

7. No pigment free
Energy RF functions directly in the dermis, so that thermal accumulation does not occur on the dermis to avoid the problems of vesicles and pigmentation.

8. No side effects were available
Short recovery time, such as red face reduced after 1 – 2 days and CUTIN removed within 3 – 4 days.
It will not affect the daily life after the treatment.And patients can wash their face and makeup immediately after surgery as usual.



1. Anti-wrinkle, tighten the skin, improve false wrinkles, dissolve fat, shape the lift.
2. Quickly improve the dark, dark color, improve the dry skin, yellow skin color condition, brighten the skin, and make the skin more delicate.
3. Actively promote facial lymphatic circulation and solve the problem of skin edema.
4. Tighten the skin, effectively solve the problem of facial relaxation, shape a gentle face, and eliminate stretch marks.
5. Remove dark margins, bags and wrinkles.
6. Contract the pores, eliminate pale scars, and soothe the skin.



Double working modefraction RF microneedle
System type2 MHz
Unipolar and bipolar RF
RF intensity level
Insulation needle tip
Micro headNon-insulating needle tip
Max Ingerie50W
Needle deepth0.5-3.0 mm (Adjustable)
pulse duration100-900ms
switchFootswitch, push-button
shieldA 10.4-inch touch LCD screen
power100-240 Watts.50 / 60 Hz, 220 volA



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